Window Repair

Window Replacement

Most windows can be repaired and put back in service like new. When you've been repairing and replacing window glass as long as Register’s Auto Glass has, you're ready for any kind of glass repair job. We can handle the quick fixes in your home, and we are prepared for commercial jobs like complete window installations in entire buildings.

Whether you’re just replacing insulated window glass or repairing broken window glass from an accident or storm damage, give us a call. Register’s Auto Glass can repair window glass in wooden frames, metal frames or vinyl window frames.

Glass Replacement Wilmington, NC

Let Us Tackle the Toughest Window Repairs

Single or double-hung windows are often more difficult to repair; but we've seen it all. A quality storm window can simulate a lot of the insulation of double glazing, plus it offers extra protection against air infiltration through gaps.

Casement window repairs are also an everyday window repair for our glass experts. Casement windows are generally made of wood or metal. The sash is attached to the frame with a hinge. A crank called an operator is attached to an arm, to a channel on the bottom of the sash. For most homeowners, this can be a tricky window repair, but not for Register’s Auto Glass.

Sliding glass doors are another glass repair for your home we can handle. Forget those foggy sliding glass doors and let the sun shine in. 

Common window repair glass falls into two of our most frequently requested window types; they are single-pane and double-pane window glass.

Contact us with any questions you may have about our auto glass repair services. 

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Glass Replacement Wilmington, NC

Single-Pane Window Repair

For some single-pane windows are still an option. The cost is lower, which is a plus, but you sacrifice energy efficiency, which increases your air conditioning and heating costs. Over the long-term, installing or using a single pane in a window repair isn’t your best bet for energy costs. Adding a quality storm window can really help add some insulation to the glass window.

Double-Pane Window Repair

Double glazing a window will provide nearly twice the energy efficiency of a single-glazed window. Some double-pane windows use just the glass. In other cases, a thin plastic film is used as inner layer. 

In either case, there is an air space between the panes of glass on a double-pane window. Air is a great insulator, so this has a tremendous impact on energy performance. The larger the air cavity, the better, since a thicker airspace doesn't allow as much heat or cold to be conducted through that airspace. For the best performance, a low-conductivity gas rather than regular air is used.

Keeping Historic Wilmington, NC Original

Wilmington, NC has a rich and vibrant historical heritage. Whether your home is in the historic downtown district of Wilmington, NC or you just want to preserve the character of your older home in Southport, NC or elsewhere in the area, the installation of storm windows is recommended. This is not only a solution for weatherizing, but a means of protecting your original historic glass and ensuring the least number of alterations to the historic building.

Of course, if disaster strikes, we can also repair that historic window or storm glass window, so give us a call.

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