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For decades customers in Wilmington NC have trusted Registers Auto Glass for automotive, architectural and marine auto glass products and services. So when it comes to tinting the windows in your car, home or business or boat it just makes sense to call the Wilmington glass experts... Registers Auto Glass.

We professionally install window tinting film on the glass of residential, commercial, automotive and marine vessels. With Registers Auto Glass you can be sure that when it comes to glass - be it repairing glass before tinting glass, or just apply window tinting film,  that Registers service, price, experience cannot be matched in Wilmington.
Auto Glass Repair

Automotive Window Tinting 

Automotive window tinting is sporty, practical and gives any car, truck or boat a luxurious look. For you, your vehicle is more than a way to get from point A to point B. Hey, you spend a surprisingly large amount of time in your vehicle. You want to show the world your style. 

Have the pros at Registers Auto Glass install your window tint professionally. They'll show you your window film options made from professional-grade materials that deliver some serious style and comfort benefits. Choose from light, to dark, in all the colors you're looking for, or maybe just a  visor panel tint to make driving more pleasant and safer. Our window tints for cars and trucks as well as boats are full-feature products with UV protection and cooling benefits.

Window tinting for Homes

Decorative Glass & Window Tinting

Look around your home. Where do you see glass. Everywhere right? Try experimenting with decorative window films and create a completely new vibe in any room of your home or office. They add color and can address functional issues like privacy and lighting issues.

Decorative glass tint films are an ideal way to quickly give your space a professional looking make over quickly. Window tints are durable, yet quickly and easily removed.

Get the expensive look of etched glass with decorative glass enhancement films. We can provide window tints for your home or business glass indifferent patterns and tint shades. The wonderful thing about glass tint films, is that they can be easily removed or replaced if you want a completely appearance in the future!   
Architectural Window Tinting Download File
Architectural Window Films offer Register Auto Glass customers a superior product at the most competitive price possible. 
  • Residential and Commercial applications
  • Superior solar performance capabilities
  • Exceptional optical clarity
  • An exclusive Manufacturer’s Warranty
Commercial Glass Replacement

Exterior windows – Provides Privacy and allows filtered light to create a mood
Glass tabletops – Transforms any old glass top with style and design
Shower enclosures – Provides Privacy and adds a designer look with patterns & color
Glass cabinet doors – Gives any room a makeover and hides closet clutter
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